HR-Results: Remembering 2020 with Maria Reutskaya

We announce a series of posts with the results of the year from the experts.
2020 is the year of great transformation. We have all moved to a new level, gained invaluable experience, and most importantly, the opportunity to learn more about people. And first of all, about ourselves.
To sum up the results of 2020, we decided to take a mini interview with our teachers, experts and participants of MOD online-school events.
Maria Reutskaya, an expert on internal communications, shared her personal and professional discoveries, and talked about the main events and experts who were able to show the maximum in 2020.

1. What are your personal professional outcomes in 2020?
- This year has been generous with new formats and projects - especially for HR and intracoma. Personally during this time I have mastered several related specialties, including crisis management, organizing online events for an audience of more than 1000 employees, hosted online conferences, and gained skills in managing a virtual team. And it is unlikely that I have ever been able to learn so much more in such a short time. In this sense, in terms of professional development, the year 2020 can be called a breakthrough year.

2. What new things have you discovered for yourself?
- Like many of us, I discovered that there is life without the offline format. We've pretty painlessly gone full online - in terms of work, meetings, events, etc. And it turned out to be very convenient! We learned to quickly readjust to the changing agenda, and we did it very effectively. So much so that it turned out to be many times more work than it was in the "pre-vision" days. These changes are inevitable, and the new hybrid format of work (a mix of online and offline) will stay with us forever. So next year we will definitely not be bored!

3. top 5 HR experts who impressed in 2020
- Going beyond just the HR industry, but considering related functions as well, I want to highlight industry colleagues who, in my opinion, have done especially well this year:
Tatiana Endeko, Head of Internal Communications and Media Projects, GAZ Group, my close colleague and partner in the Human Face Communications project that she and I run together. This year Tatiana's social projects of assistance during the covid were incredible in their scale and effectiveness.
Irina Arkhipova, Director of External Relations and Communications, Coca-Cola HBC Russia. In addition to the company's coolest projects, Irina developed and teaches an Employer Brand course for the students of the Higher School of Economics.
Irina Bakhtina, former Vice President for Sustainable Business and Corporate Affairs, Unilever. This year Irina had a major breakthrough in her career, taking the post of Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Komi.
Vera Solomatina, HR Director, SAP CIS. Vera managed to take part in many projects and initiatives, hold the first positions in all sorts of ratings, write for Forbes, develop mentoring programs and much more.
Tatiana Borisova, regional head of business continuity and OT department, Novartis Russia Group. Tatiana has developed a brilliant program for employees on burnout, she herself conducts trainings and dedicates her free time to work with children with special needs.

4. Top 3 HR Events of 2020
- Unfortunately, this year I did not manage to attend all the HR conferences that I had planned. So I will highlight the ones I managed to visit and speak at:
Corporate HR Content (organized by MOD Conf)
C&B RUSSIA SUMMIT 2020 (organized by Auditorium)
Motivation and gamification in working with personnel (organized by HR Kitchen).