HR results: recalling 2020 with Victoria Piskareva

2020 doesn't let up. Today Victoria Piskareva, author of the "Beautiful Analytics" channel, HR process automation expert and author and partner of the "IT technologies for HR" course, is sharing her professional results:

The year 2020 turned out to be a very busy year for me:
1️⃣На my main place of work together with my team we are doing very cool, ambitious and really breakthrough things.
2️⃣ I launched a course on HR analytics together with the Skillbox online school, where we did a very concentrated program and brought together cool expert practitioners. This is my first experience with such, comprehensive work and the result, in my opinion, is very worthy.
3️⃣ In August I launched my TG-channel "Beautiful Analytics," in which I share my experience in analyzing data with HR-people. At the moment I have 1000+ subscribers, and this is also a separate reason to be proud.
4️⃣ Together with Alexey Kolokolov we launched an excellent product - a very short and specific course "Dashboards for HR", which within a few months already had hundreds of participants. The feedback is excellent and we are very satisfied
5️⃣ At the end of the year together with Katya and MOD online school we made a great program "IT for HR". It's too early to talk about the results yet, since the first stream has not yet graduated, but I believe that next year this course will become a regular course.

What new things did you discover in 2020?
I fully embraced the proverb "a century of life - a century of learning", because in addition to the device integration processes of IT systems and assembly of showcases in a data warehouse, this year I have learned how to properly compose texts, set up pending posts on Telegram, and took another course on data visualization. All in all, HR is a jack of all trades. And the fact that living all summer at the cottage with the whole family and still working is great!

What HR-experts particularly impressed you this year?
Tatiana Zhempovskaya, business and IT architect. Once again I have listened to a master class from Tatyana and have learned many new and useful things for organizing automation in HR
Sergey Yuldashev with his HR analytics in the Middle Ages at the Modconf conference. Once again I admired Sergey's ability to summarize, systematize and highlight the main things, and then to present it in an accessible form.

What are the top 3 HR events of 2020 for you?
- Webinar on HR innovation by Skillaz;
- HR analytics by MOD;
- HR-Zero by HR Kitchen.

📍Already in March, an online IT course for HR will launch.
You can get in on an open class where Victoria will talk about why any IT system isn't as good after a couple of years as it once seemed and what to do with a "zoo" of IT systems when there's no budget for radical change.
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