Rewards system for project Management
Master class
February 2022
During master class you will:
  • Get to know the algorithm for developing an effective system of remuneration of project managers by KPIs
  • Find out what the timing and amount of bonuses depend on, including the annual
  • Get 2 different KPI compensation options with an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each option
  • Get examples of rewarding project participants based on criterion scoring
11-th February 2022
Standard remuneration schemes in projects
Algorithm of remuneration system development on the basis of performance management system - performance management. Basic principles
Development of goals and KPIs for project units
  • The principle of goal decomposition
  • Development of KPI, formulas for calculating the % of goal achievement
  • Dependence of bonuses on total performance
Timing of bonus payment depending on project implementation
What does the annual bonus depend on?
2 different KPI-based remuneration options for project managers with an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each option
Examples of rewarding project participants based on criterion-point evaluation
Elena Vetluzhkikh
Certified business coach, consultant, coach, member of the international association Worldartwork
Professional activities:
  • Implementation of consulting projects on development of companies' goal maps and balanced scorecard system
  • Implementation of projects on development of grading system and remuneration system according to KPI
  • Implementation of competence development and assessment center projects
  • Conducting open and corporate seminars
  • Coaching of managers and consultants on remuneration
  • Consulting and coaching experience of 15 years

KAMAZ Group, EuroChem MCC, Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works, Rosneft Oil Company, ENERGOMASH Group UMPO, Serov, NVision Group CJSC, KazTransCom, ShchekinAzot OJSC, Sintez-Kauchuk OJSC, Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant OJSC, Statoil Retail Operations LLC, PO Trek CJSC, Sinarsky Pipe Plant, Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant OJSC, UK TAU NefteChem LLC and others
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