WORKSHOP. July 29-th, 2023
Money flow: to heal and launch
How to manage the energy of money?
Why participate in the workshop?
You will learn how to work with your money energy and direct it in the right direction
You will receive meditation practices for visualizing the money channel
You will discover why money goes away and where exactly you spend your potential
You will analyze your mistakes in your relationship with the money
You will diagnose your money energy and receive recommendations for independent practice
What is the money?
The Laws of Energy
How to determine your money energy?
Meditation practices for visualizing your money channel
Workshop Agenda
July 29-th, 2023
11:00-12:30 a.m. (IST), ONLINE
Why does the money go away?
How to use the energy of money properly?
Where does the money come from?
The main mistakes in the practice of attracting finances
Practical task
Detailed diagnosis of money energy.
Working in a notebook, with special templates
Runologist, tarologist, totemist. Founder of the Academy of Personal Path The Hermit. Studied by Peruvian shaman
Irina Shishkina
Author of books on esoterics:
  • "The Year of Self-Knowledge. Rituals, practices and meditations"
  • "Tarot and Mantics. Modeling for Tarotists"
  • "24 principles of life management"
  • "Big Book of Laws of Totems. Practices"

15 years of business management experience. Lecturer at business schools and MBA. Formation of project teams, training, implementation of project management, diagnostics of existing projects, monitoring and control.

Author of books:
  • "Recognize yourself in the crowd: a marathon on values"
  • "9 and a half weeks in the cranium. Developing Professional Competencies"
  • "Self-management during the crisis"
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Irina Shishkina

Runologist, tarologist, totemist

Author of books on psychology and esoterics

Lecturer at business schools and MBA

I'm sure of only one thing - none of us knows for sure how this world works. And this is absolutely no reason not to strive to know it, through the knowledge of ourselves, others, thoughts, nature, feelings, books, animals... How do you do it? I have been doing it for 15 years with the help of Tarot and the other instruments. I would be happy to help you with life issues, to help you find and accept yourself.

I invite you to join our cash flow workshop and together we'll discuss how to deal with it!

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